The Mole Creek Karst National Park includes some of Tasmania's most visited cave systems, including Marakoopa and King Solomons Cave, two of over 300 known caves and sinkholes in the area. Marakoopa Cave features two underground streams, a large display of glow-worms, large caverns, rim pools, reflections and shawl and flowstone features.
Trowunna is a wildlife park with a difference. We started caring for our native animals 30 years ago...
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Great Western Tiers
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Geoffrey Lea
Liffey Falls State Reserve is nestled within cool temperate rainforest on the slopes of the Great We...
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Devils Gullet features a stunning lookout platform overhanging sheer cliff face, with views to Cradl...
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Great Western Tiers Sculpture Project
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Leatherwood Honey is home to over 50 different honey products and is unique to Tasmania

Mole Creek

An adventurous and naturally charming environment!


Mole Creek

Mole Creek is a small township located in the upper Mersey Valley on the road from Deloraine to Cradle Mountain. It is based on the edge of the Great Western Tiers. Mole Creek is 75 km west of Launceston (an hour’s drive), 253 km northwest of Hobart and 25 km west of Deloraine.

Hastings Cave, Tasmania, AustraliaMole Creek is unsurpassed as a popular stopping destination for touring the central north area of Tasmania. Relax in the peace and tranquility that is many of the scenic walks within the Mole Creek area. Mole Creek is known for its Leatherwood honey factory.  There are also a variety of cave systems worth exploring, including King Solomon's Cave, which have attracted tourists since the 1850s. Mole Creek is also home to a popular wildlife park where Tasmanian devils and a huge variety of diverse Tasmanian wildlife can be found. Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett.

Activities and Things to Do and See:

Sculptures of the Great Western Tiers:

Recommended first is grabbing a copy of “Sculptures of the Great Western Tiers”. This map provides an excellent overview of the Great Western Tiers and detailed descriptions of 15 different artists which are located on the road from Deloraine, Mole Creek, Mayberry and Lake Mackenzie.


Only 7km away to the east is the neighbouring village town of Chudleigh, it’s nearby, so why not satisfy your curiosity.

Trowunna Wildlife Park:

Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) - Trowunna Wildlife Park , Tasmania, AustraliaA privately owned wildlife park (operating since 1979) which has had Tasmanian Devils on display since 1985. The park proudly claims that they have the largest population of endangered Tasmanian devils as well as a remarkable collection of marsupials, birds and reptiles. The park is divided into three different living environments for the animal occupants; these areas being forest, alpine and coastal regions. The wildlife park covers 26 ha (65 acres), and is located at 1892 Mole Creek Road. Come see some Iconic Tasmanian Devils!  Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Trowunna Wildlife Park.

What to Eat:

Tasmanian Honey Company, Tasmania, AustraliaR. Stephens Golden Nectar Real Leatherwood Honey (1918). Strong and very aromatic, Leatherwood Honey is home to over 50 different honey products. It is also unique to Tasmania and is listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register. The honey produced in the factory is collected from across Tasmania. Although not possible to inspect the factory internally, there are sales at the factory door. Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Nick Osborne.


The name Mole Creek comes from a nearby stream, recorded as early as the Land Commissioner's reports' maps from 1826-28. It is claimed that the town and the local creek were named because the creek disappears into the local karst limestone "like a mole". This creek flows aboveground, and in portions underground through the caves underlying the area.


Mole Creek in the 1800’s
The Tommeginne Aborigines lived in the area for 40,000 years prior to the arrival of Europeans. Mole Creek and much of the surrounding area was the land of the Pallittorre Aboriginal tribe. There is evidence that they had been settled in the Mole Creek area for at least 10,000 years. During initial contact with European settlers, the aboriginal population in the area has been estimated to have dropped from 200 to 60 during the years 1827-30.

20th Century
• In 1979, Trowunna Wildlife Park opened. The first Tasmanian Devils arrived in 1985.
• In 1996, the Mole Creek Karst National Park was declared. There are at least 300 caves in the complex.
• King Solomon's Cave was discovered in 1906 and opened for tours in 1908. Marapooka cave was found in 1910, opened in 1912 and sold to the state tourist department in 1919.
• Edward Charles James, who had obtained a lease on King Solomon's Cave, built what is now the Mole Creek Hotel over 1907-8 as a 30-room guest house. Due to some unusual sale conditions he could not serve alcohol. The building was sold in 1910 to George Lee who ran it as the Mountain View Guest House. A grocery and hardware shop ran from part of the building from 1929 to 1965. In June 1953 the sale conditions were overcome and a licence to serve alcohol was granted. The Mole Creek Hotel started operating in 1953.


Alum Cliffs/Tulampanga:
Also a cycling track, this walk is about 40 minutes over the Mersey River. It is near 5 minutes from Mole Creek. Turn off Mole Creek Road to the east of the town. The route is clearly signposted.

Devil's Gullet Lookout:

Mt Field National Park, Tasmania, AustraliaA short 30 minutes walking time, from a lookout on a sheer cliff face. It is a 35 minute drive from Mole Creek past the Mole Creek Caves west on Mole Creek Road and then via Mersey Forest Road onto a signposted gravel road to Devil's Gullet and Lake Mackenzie. The amount of times that we’ve said “Mole Creek” now is simply devilish! Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Glenn Gibson.

Liffey Falls:

This 45 minute walk is located 40 minutes away by car from Mole Creek via Riversdale Road. Enjoy the serenity of a rainforest whilst walking towards the Liffey Falls. Liffey Falls is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and has an easy walking track with picnic facilities among lush green ferns.

Pine Lake:

This 30 minute walk is located 40 minutes away by car from Mole Creek past the Liffey Falls turnoff (it is signposted). Pine Lake includes informative signage, scenic boardwalk views and passes through natural alpine landscape.

Fern Glade:

This refreshing 30 minute walk can be part of the visit to Marakoopa Cave (listed below). It starts near the ticket office and follows the creek. It is located 15 minutes from Mole Creek at Marakoopa Cave.

Marakoopa Cave:

Mole Creek Caves tour (formerly Marakoopa Cave tour), Tasmania, AustraliaMarakoopa Cave is located 11 km from Mole Creek in the foothills of Western Bluff. The cave, named after an Aboriginal word meaning "handsome", features a terrific glow worm display. Visitors to the cave enter a section which is 457 metres long. This section has been carved out by two underground streams.

The Great Cathedral and Glow Worms requires a medium level of fitness as visitors have to ascend to the Great Cathedral. It should be done in association with the Fern Glade Walk (see above). Image thanks to: Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman.

King Solomon Cave:

King Solomon Cave is located 16 km west of Mole Creek. It is a relatively small cave being 228 meters long and comprising of a large single cavern, however it is complimented by some very fine and delicate limestone formations with sparkling calcite.


Mole Creek Hotel and Tassie Tiger Bar, Tasmania, Australia

This friendly town is the perfect base for discovering surrounding areas! Mole Creek has plenty of great food and accommodation in the form of charming historic hotels and cottages.  Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Adrian Cook

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