Arthur Circus is a ring of historic cottages located in Battery Point, originally constructed for the officers of the garrison.
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Narryna is a handsome Georgian house set in a picturesque, old-world setting. Experience the elegant...
Jackman McRoss Bakery at Battery Point
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Jackman & McRoss Bakery at Battery Point
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Shutterbug Walkabouts is the brainchild of Roy & Coreena Vieth who have made several journeys to Tas...
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Immerse yourself in the history and romance of Colonial Hobart by touring the Battery Point area and...
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Shutterbug Walkabouts is the brainchild of Roy & Coreena Vieth who have made several journeys to Tas...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Roy & Coreena Vieth

Battery Point

Historic Suburb of Hobart


Battery Point

Historic suburb just 10 mins walk from Hobart City Centre.

Battery Point is a suburb of Hobart immediately south of the central business district. From Salamanca Place, climb the colonial era Kelly’s steps and wander up through the lanes and quaint streets of Battery Point, filled with stories of Hobart’s historic past. The curious 19th century sandstone and weatherboard cottages possess eccentric charm and nestle tightly into tiny streets and laneways.

Once a poor man’s village, Battery Point is now home to Hobart’s premium real estate and a fashionable suburb in which to live, with most cottages having been internally renovated to balance modern chic with old world charm. Many have been converted into guest houses where you can stay and immerse yourself in the historic village, just a stone's throw away from Salamanca and the Hobart waterfront.

Hampden Road is the main strip of Battery Point, housing some of Hobart’s best cafes as well as art and gift shops and an artisan bakery featuring rustic brickwork, timber flooring, high ceilings and an open glass front. Recent additions to Battery Point’s cafe scene embrace those postmodern vibes and include a rustic but quaint tea house with raw, vegetarian and vegan eats, plucking veggies straight from the garden, as well as a kombi-inspired smoothie house embracing the age of cold pressed juice and smoothie bowls - serving as a slight juxtaposition from what once would have dished out ye old meat and 3 veg.


Settled in 1804 and built jutting out over the River Derwent, Battery Point began its life as a maritime village. The suburb’s name derives from an 1818 gun battery that stood to protect the town from real and imagined nautical threats. The battery was situated on the site of today's Princes Park. The guns were used to fire salutes on ceremonial occasions but were never called upon for their intended use. The battery was decommissioned after an 1878 review of Hobart's defences found that its proximity to surrounding residential neighbourhood could be a real danger. Subsequent to this, the site was handed over to the Hobart City Council as a place of recreation and amusement.

Activities and Things to Do and See

Battery Point is a charming place to discover on foot. Window shopping can be a delightful way to pass the day, with plenty of antique shops and bookstores to pass through.

Consider opting for a historic walking tour to learn the stories that at one time filled this otherworldly town. Some highlighted stops might include the below:

The Narryna Heritage Museum on Hampden Road is the perfect place to delve even deeper into Battery Point’s history. Built in 1836, this well restored building now houses an extensive collection of old colonial furniture and artifacts that are displayed in their natural settings.

St. George’s Anglican Church is worth a visit to those fascinated by stunning architecture. The church was designed by John Lee Archer in 1838 and sits upon Battery Point’s highest point, making it visible from the whole of Southern Hobart and the river where sailors would use it to guide them home.

‘Arthur’s Circus’ can be found in the centre village green, where charming and quirky cottages wrap around a circular park for a step back in history. Many of the cottages here were built in the 1840’s and 50’s, in the earliest days of old Hobart town, and have been continuously restored since. They are now highly sought after residences.
Princes Park covers the area occupied by the original Battery from which Battery Point got its name.

Accommodation offerings

Tourists staying right in Battery Point generally opt for either the boutique B&Bs, historic apartments, or cottages. A 19th century tavern which has been restored into an accommodation might be just your cup of tea! With downtown Hobart just a short walk away, options are plentiful for all tastes.

What to Eat

Hampden Road and its surroundings are filled with dining options. Whether you’re looking for sushi, a traditional pub serving a counter meal and a stout, or craving a family-run Italian restaurant, you’ll be sure to find it in Battery Point.

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