Huonville sits on the banks of the Huon River surrounded by fruit orchards and lush farmland and produces some of the best apple cider in Tasmania.
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Australiaâ€Â™s first organic Cidery from the Huon Valley, where William Smith first planted his ...
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Australia's first organic Cidery from the Huon Valley, where William Smith first planted his orchard...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Andrew McIntosh
Australia's first organic Cidery from the Huon Valley, where William Smith first planted his orchard...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Jonathan Wherrett
Australia's first organic Cidery from the Huon Valley, where William Smith first planted his orchard...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Jonathan Wherrett
Camping by the Huon River
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The Huon Valley follows the Huon River in southern part of the state. Tasmania is known as the "Appl...
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Huon River
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A gateway to the Southwest Wilderness and Southern Tasmania's Foodie Heaven




Huonville is a major regional center located in the south of Tasmania and in the heart of the Huon Valley. Huonville is a 38 kilometer drive south of Hobart which takes you through Tasmanian bushland covered hills before dropping you gently into the green valley.

Huonville lies on the banks of the Huon River and is a well-known farming area, enticing those who want to live a simpler life on the land to seek out beautiful properties within this valley.

Huonville, Tasmania, AustraliaHuonville is the largest commercial center in the Huon Valley and has a number of community services. The seat of the local Huon Valley Council, Huonville has supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes, hardware stores, small retail gift shops, a post office, banks, doctors and petrol stations. It is the perfect place to stop and stock up before setting off to explore the rest of the valley. Easy parking, a secure riverside playground and barbeque/picnic facilities means that Huonville is a great township to add to your itinerary.

Huonville is surrounded by absolutely magnificent mountain ranges. It truly is a valley of epic proportions and it is no surprise that the lush green farmlands provide ideal growing conditions for fantastic produce. It is so easy to appreciate good food when you're spoilt for choice and nature lovers will really feel at home within the mountain ranges that hug the valley.

Huonville is surrounded by amazing producers who grow food and make wine and cider that are a foodie's dream. If you're a fan of fresh produce, particularly apples, cherries, pears, apricots, plums and mushrooms then Huonville is a great place to visit. Many growers and producers have cellar or tasting doors and so it is worth leaving the main highway to explore and see what you come across.

Nature lovers will also love Huonville, simply for the surrounding landscape and the beautiful Huon River that cuts through Huonville and continues down the valley. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Southern Cross Television

Getting There

Travelling south from Hobart via the Southern Outlet, turn off onto the Huon Highway at Kingston and follow the highway south to Huonville. If you're not driving, bus services operate through Tassielink and details can be found on their website.

Accommodation Offerings

Accommodation options in the Huonville area range from bed & breakfast style, hotels, caravan parks and plenty of self-contained options. Travelling throughout the Huon Valley also provides many different options for staying in this beautiful part of Tasmania.

Activities and Things to Do and See

Huon Valley, Tasmania, AustraliaOne of the first stops you'll come across on your descent down into the Huon Valley is Willie Smiths Apple Shed. Originally a museum, it still has a small area dedicated to viewing the history of apple growing in the region. You can take tours of the distillery where delicious apple spirits are created and afterwards there is a café to sample the delicious fare.

A short way along the highway lies the Honey-Pot and Huon Valley Information Center, a delicious opportunity to sample special Tasmanian Honey and see the bees at work in a hive.

Once you've made it into the centre of town you might like to explore the Huon River by speedboat, or at a more relaxed pace by paddle boat. If not, the banks of the river are a brilliant place to set out your picnic and watch the world go by.

There is always time to wander through the streets of Huonville where you'll find cafes, art galleries and gift shops, or hire a bike and ride through the gorgeous countryside out to a winery and back through the orchards. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Dan Uglow

What to Eat

While you're in Huonville you should seek out wineries for some fantastic cold climate varieties, try fresh apple cider, feast on cherries and apples and sample locally grown and produced Salmon. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Dan Uglow



Huonville was named after the Huon River which was named after Captain Huon de Kermadec, second in Command for Admiral Bruni d'Entrecasteaux the French explorer. First settled in 1840, the town was formed around the river crossing and in 1843 the first apple trees in the region were planted.

Recent Events

The Taste of the Huon, a foodie festival is held every March during a long weekend. If you're visiting around this time mark it in your diary, it's a good way to sample the valley's best produce!



Mt Wellington, Tasmania, Australia

Stunning mountain ranges, including Sleeping Beauty (part of the Wellington Range) surround Huonville. An area overflowing with quality produce from surrounding farmland, it is green and lush at most times of the year.

Despite being an area of natural beauty, there are a number of industries located around Huonville including forestry, fish farming (particularly salmon) and of course the apple and cherry industries. Image Credit: Paul Fleming


Local Tips

Huonville has some great wineries and cafes in the surrounding area. Don't be afraid to detour off the main highway to take a look at some of the fantastic orchards and see what you can discover.

What's Nearby

Huonville is the perfect gateway to the rest of the Huon Valley. If you're after adventure, head down to the Tahune Air walk, get the best sushi you'll ever have in Geeveston, drive along the coast to Dover and or get up close and personal to the glow worms at Hastings Cave.

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