Mona Foma is Mona's summer festival, an eclectic mix of music and art, plus food, booze and more.
Image thanks to: Phil Kitt
Mona Foma is Mona's summer festival, an eclectic mix of music and art, plus food, booze and more at ...
Image thanks to: Liz Knox
Mona Foma is Mona's summer festival, an eclectic mix of music and art, plus food, booze and more at ...
Image thanks to: Liz Knox
MONA FOMA (aka MOFO) is an five day annual music and arts festival held in January throughout Hobart...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania and Chris Crerar

Mona Foma

A Fusion of Music and Art in the Tasmanian Wilderness


Mona Foma

Situated in the sensational surroundings of idyllic Tasmania, the Mona Foma festival delights through its unexpected charm and experimental beats. Bringing together some of the most innovative sounds and visuals from the Australian landscape, Mona Foma, or ‘Mofo’ as it’s known locally, boasts an innovative collaboration with Hobart’s impressive MONA art gallery.

What To Expect

Festival-goers can expect a delectable blend of the traditional and contemporary, with orchestral notes ringing delicately alongside post-punk vibes. The overall atmosphere is one of fearless creativity, fusing politics with music, art with curiosity.

Who Goes?

Having made its first appearance on the harsh but beautiful island state in 2009, Mofo has continued to be a key calendar date for Tasmanian locals and music-loving tourists from around the globe. As the tones of each day trickle gently to a close, night revellers are awakened by a spirited evening of after-dark sounds at the festival’s Faux Mo parties. Held each night of the festival, these parties attract hungry ravers to a rustic warehouse nestled invitingly on the edge of the pier. For those craving a more nostalgic soiree, alternative parties are also held in quirky abandoned office towers.

When Is It?

The festival returns each January to amuse and surprise through an eclectic cultural energy. Every corner of this eccentric festivity is sprinkled with intrigue--offering installations and inflatables among the most unusual performance art.


The festival conveniently shares its site with a winery, offering temptation through high-quality tipple and an abundance of food to fuel the weekend bustle. To maximise the time for free-spirited fun, Mofo is both organised and accessible, despite its isolated location.

Getting There

Accessible by bus or ferry, the festival is mostly situated at MONA which is 11 km north of the Tasmanian capital city of Hobart. Those choosing to take the ferry can take a direct trip from Brooke Street Pier to MONA in just 25 minutes on one of the regular festival shuttle departures from the pier. Continuing the lavish eccentricities from door to door, ferry tickets are available in two different, but equally enticing, travel options. A standard ticket allows guests to sit on sheep ornaments and indulge in onboard bars, while the ‘Posh Pit’ ticket offers a more intimate journey adorned with complimentary canapés and drinks on the house. The ferry trips are often very popular so it's best to arrive to Brook Street Pier early or to purchase an advance Posh Pit ferry ticket. If all spaces are filled, a regular bus service runs throughout the weekend and takes around 30 minutes to reach the festival site from the pier.


Festival admission is granted in the form of a day pass, 3-day MONA pass or locals ticket. In terms of value, the best option is the three-day pass which allows unlimited access to MONA, where most of the activity can be found. Statewide Taswegians are fortunate enough to benefit from the festival’s offer of discounted tickets and most ticket holders are given access to additional free events as well as entry to the Mona museum. Tickets for the festival can be purchased on the Mona Foma website, the MONA Visitor Information Desk or the Mofo Box office at Brooke Street Pier which opens close to the festival’s opening date.

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