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Launceston to Cradle Mountain

This Launceston to Cradle Mountain self drive itinerary runs through farmland and history at Longford and Deloraine, then cuts inland to the town of Sheffield and up onto the Alpine Plateau to Cradle Mountain. You can spend the whole day getting to Cradle Mountain if you stop everywhere mentioned. To drive without stopping will take about 3 hours.

For the best scenic route, this itinerary will meander through some wonderful farming areas and historic towns, before turning inland and climbing onto the Alpine Plateau to the gates of the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Claire National Park.

Launceston to Cradle Mountain Tasmania Australia

Launceston on the Tamar River, Tasmania, Australia. The city is built at the juncture of the North Esk, South Esk, and Tamar rivers. Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania after the state capital Hobart.

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Launceston to Cradle Mountain Tasmania Australia

Town of Longford, Tasmania, Australia. Image thanks to Tourism Tasmania and Heath Holden

Credit - Tourism Tasmania and Heath Holden
Launceston to Cradle Mountain Tasmania Australia

Meander River Reflections, Tasmania, Australia. Image thanks to Tourism Tasmania & Brian Dullaghan

Credit - Tourism Tasmania & Brian Dullaghan
Launceston to Cradle Mountain Tasmania Australia

Sunset in Main Street, Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia Image thanks to Tourism Tasmania & Kelly Slater

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Launceston to Cradle Mountain Tasmania Australia

Cradle Mountain is a mountain in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania, Australia. Rising to 1,545 metres (5,069 ft) above sea level. It is one of the popular tourist spots in Tasmania.

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Launceston to Woolmers Estate

Featured stops  Woolmers Estate | Brickendon Estate

From Launceston, take Hwy#1 Midland Highway south to Bredalbane. Instead of going to the Launceston Airport, stay on Hwy#1 Midlands Highway through Perth and head towards Hobart.

Watch for the C520 Woolmers Lane on the right, and turn west and drive across the very attractive farmland to Woolmers Estate.

As the road passes some woodland and then starts to curve down to the Macquarie River, you will see the turnoff to Woolmers Estate on the right.

Woolmers Estate and Brickendon Estate

Set high above the Macquarie River, Woolmers Estate was first established in the 1820’s. The buildings have all been restored and the whole Estate gives a very good feel for the history, farming and lifestyle of the area.

A feature is the fabulous Rose Garden with over 180 varieties of old roses, and the ancient trees and hedges give Woolmers a very rural feel. Woolmers Estate, and its neighbour, Brickendon Estate, have both been taken into the Australian National Heritage List.

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Longford to Westbury

Featured stops | Longford | Hagley | Westbury | Pearn’s Steam World |

Leaving Longford, turn left onto the B52 Illawarra Road and then turn left onto Hwy#1 Bass Highway.

Watch for the turnoff to the right onto the B54 and after leaving Hwy#1, turn hard left onto the old road that is the main street of Hagley.

The road runs back under Hwy#1, and then comes to Westbury. These old villages were established in the early 1800’s and will give you a very good feel for the lifestyle of the area.

Pearn’s Steam World

Pearn’s Steam World is on the right as you drive through Westbury. It is worth a visit if you are interested in old steam driven machinery.

This is one of the finest collections of steam driven machinery in the Southern Hemisphere.

Westbury to Deloraine

Featured Stops | Deloraine | Ashgrove Cheese Outlet |

The park on the left just before the road dips down across the river is an interesting stop. Rather than return to Hwy#1 Bass Highway, stay on the B54 Meander Valley Road as it winds its way into Deloraine.

Cross the Meander River at Deloraine (perhaps stop at the Riverside Park for a few minutes) and climb the hill through this rather pretty, historic township.

Stay on the main street, There is a full Supermarket on the left as you come up Emu Bay road if you need supplies. Stay on Emu Bay Road, until it joins Hwy#1, the Bass Highway and continue on towards Devonport.

Ashgrove Cheese

After driving through Elizabeth Town, watch for the Ashgrove Cheese Shop on the left.  A delicious presentation of local produce awaits for foodies.

The scenery in this part of Tasmania varies from open farmland with mountains on the horizon, to woodland and replanted forests that are commercial timber growing operations.

It is an area of rolling hills, gentle valleys and pleasant scenery.

Deloraine to Sheffield

Featured Stops | Deloraine | Ashgrove Cheese Outlet | Sheffield |

Just towards Launceston from the Elizabeth Town Hotel, watch for the B13 turnoff on the left to Railton and Sheffield. Turn left onto the B13 and follow it to Railton. At Railton, turn left and take the B14 Road to Sheffield.

Sheffield (including Gowrie Park) is a town now famous for its extensive display of murals. Located 30 km from Devonport and 93 km from Launceston.

Sheffield (named after the famous town in Yorkshire) has successfully turned itself into a tourist destination and is a delightful surprise to the unsuspecting visitor.

The town has huge and fascinating murals, most depicting the early history of the area, on every available blank wall.

Sheffield is nestled in under Mount Roland in an area of rolling hills and gentle valleys which produces fat lambs, pigs, potatoes, timber and a number of vegetable crops.

Sheffield to Cradle Mountain

Featured StopsSheffield | Cradle Mountain

From the B14 just to the East of Sheffield, turn right onto the C141 Road to West Kentish and Staverton.

When the C141 meets the C136 near Cethana, turn right onto the C136 and follow it across the dam and up the hill to the plateau.

When the C136 joins the C132, turn left and follow the signs towards Cradle Mountain.

Watch for the turnoff to the left onto the C132 into Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park.

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