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Situated on the Hobart waterfront, Lark Cellar Door & Whisky Bar offers the opportunity to taste Ta...
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Whisky tasting at Belgrove Distillery
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Whisky tasting
Image thanks to: Samuel Shelley
Image thanks to: Old Kempton Distillery

Tasmanian Whisky Week

Sumptuous Single Malts and More


Tasmanian Whisky Week

Calling ladies and gentlemen with a passion for whisky. If you’d like to flaunt your knowledge of the cherished drink and taste your way through hundreds of perfect blends and single malts, then here's your chance.

What is it?

This winter, Tassie plays host to Tasmanian Whisky Week. It starts in mid-August and runs for seven days. You’re invited to discover the treasures of the island’s local distilleries and pour yourself a passionately distilled beverage. To help you with your trip, here’s what you need to know about the festival, where you’ll get to learn more about your favourite whiskies and the people who make them.

What Can You Expect?

Distilleries and venues across Hobart will open their doors, offering opportunities for visitors to absorb notes on the history, success tales, and challenges of their beloved whisky brands.

Why go?

Events take place at a host of different distilleries—such as Corra Linn, Fanny's Bay, Belgrove, Lark, and Old Kempton—with some also offering discounted tours. If you're always on the lookout for limited edition bottles, you can up your game here, sampling unreleased whiskies while you take in the vibrant atmosphere that brings whisky connoisseurs back year after year.

Learn about the Island’s Heritage

Between bars, barns, stables, restaurants, and hotel hopping, learn how Tasmanian whiskies are distilled in tribute to, and as a result of, the island’s climate, air, water, and soils. Last year’s attendees are still raving about the tasting master classes, brewery boilermaker evenings, whisky making experiences, and more.

A Wealth of Restaurant and Accommodation Options

Wondering what to do when you’re all whiskied out? Stop to sample some delicious food. Perhaps freshly caught oysters? Whether you’re keen to dine at luxe hotspots or are on a budget and looking for something a little more frugal, you'll find something special to tempt your taste buds. The same goes for accomodations—take your pick from a wealth of different options across the island.

Getting There

Hobart International Airport means you can reach the island from anywhere via connecting flights, while you can fly directly from Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. Alternatively, why not invoke your sense of adventure and take to the water? The Spirit of Tasmania sails between Melbourne and Devonport, taking between 9 to 11 hours to reach the island from the mainland.

Food/Drinks/Local Tips

Book tickets early to avoid disappointment.

The always bustling Farmgate Whisky Weekend, which takes place on Bathurst Street, and A Night of Stories happening at Story Bar, are both free events, just make sure you arrive early at the latter to secure your seat.

Have a smooth, flavourful, and rich holiday!

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