Chocolate Winterfest is Latrobe's wickedly delicious festival celebrating all things chocolate.
Image thanks to: Chris Crerar
Chocolate Winterfest is Latrobe's wickedly delicious festival celebrating all things chocolate.
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Latrobe Council

Chocolate Winterfest

Celebrating the World's Favourite Sweet the Tassie Way


Chocolate Winterfest

Catering to the desires of chocoholics since 2004, the 1-day Chocolate Winterfest is held in August every year in the town of Latrobe in northern Tasmania. The festival’s name says it all: chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. The Chocolate Winterfest is one of Tasmania’s most anticipated festivals, with its devilishly irresistible treats and fun-filled activities. You’ll have no downtime with so much to do--from tastings to competitions to games.

Fun fact: Chocolate is made from the cacao bean, and the scientific name of cacao - Theobroma cacao - means “food of the gods” in Greek.

What Awaits You

The moment you arrive, you will be tantalised with the unmistakably sweet aroma of chocolate in the air. The whole of Latrobe is a beehive of activity with local businesses offering their own special wares and services. Often, chocolatiers from over the world participate in the festival.

Highlights may vary from year to year, but one thing remains constant: splendid chocolate.

First things first: The House of Anvers Museum of Chocolate. Everyone knows it’s where the best chocolate can be found, so you can’t miss it. It’s not just a museum, though. It has a coffee shop, and they serve breakfast, so you can fuel up for the busy day ahead of you.

Stroll around and drop by iconic locations like The Cherry Shed, Mackey’s Royal Hotel, and the Latrobe Cafe and Bakery, to name a few.

You will be tempted at every corner with chocolate cakes, tarts, biscuits, cupcakes, and petit fours - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Feeling adventurous? Keep your eyes peeled for exotic goodies like chilli chocolate sundaes. Feeling cold? There’s nothing like a mug of hot chocolate to warm you up from head to toe.

Get your hands deliciously dirty and participate in workshops to make your own concoctions--craft a chocolate sculpture or create your own soap. You can even get a chocolate tattoo if you want. If that’s not enough, why not go for a chocolate massage? The cacao bean has become well-known amongst spa therapists the world over for its healing and beautifying properties. Do you feel like exercising your brain? How about a game of chocolate chess? Alternatively, satisfy your inner child with a bout of chocolate bingo.

The Chocolate Winterfest has everything for everyone--from young kids to the not-so-young.


You won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to have fun. Some activities won’t cost you a penny, while others require tickets. Prices vary depending on the establishment and what you want to do.

Getting There

Latrobe is 10 minutes from the Devonport Airport via bus. It’s also possible to fly to Burnie Airport, just 45 minutes away. Launceston Airport is an hour's drive away, and Hobart Airport is 3 hours away.

Good to know

  • It’s cheaper to visit in winter, so take advantage of the festival’s timing!
  • Tassie’s colder than other parts of Australia, so bundle up!
  • To make the most of your experience, grab yourself a map of the town/festival locations, and plan your day before heading out.
  • Bring extra clothing with you, especially if you want to participate in workshops and games.
  • Add another dimension to your visit by going on a platypus tour.
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