Image thanks to: Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Chris Crerar
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Chris Crerar

Junction Arts Festival

Launceston Showcases the Artist's Craft


Junction Arts Festival

Culture, artists, musicians, theatrical performers and craftspeople unite to present an array of exciting displays and performances. Tasmania boasts a rich history and people visiting the area are able to see how the past and present combine in a creative way during this 5-day festival. There’s a special glow about Launceston this time of year and at the Junction Arts Festival, it shows. Image thanks to Tourism Tasmania & Chris Crerar.

What Is It and When?

View of Launceston, Historical - Tasmania, AustraliaIn the charming city of Launceston, dressed by lovely parks and 19th century architecture, the art scene comes alive each September. Multiple venues and citywide locations host painters, artisans, dancers, singers and actors from all over Tasmania to entertain visitors and locals alike with their unique presentations. Young and old are able to enjoy the wide range of exhibitions, some of which are interactive. The Junction Arts Festival is a way for local talent to gain valuable exposure and share traditions and culture in the spirit of community. Many volunteers are on hand to also work together to bring the festival to life each year. The festival includes more than a few diverse facets of performance and creativity for the public to enjoy.

Why Go?

Spectacular talent and unique contemporary art have become more exciting than ever before with the addition of more to the program, collaboration of artists and performers from Tasmania and national locations around Australia. The Festival’s mission is to bring the citizens and visitors to Launceston a world-class arts festival, complete with all the trimmings. Museums, gardens and period homes are the optimal atmosphere for creative expression on display at every corner. Image thanks to Tourism Tasmania & Chris Crerar.

What Can You Expect?

Veteran Artistic Director Greg Clarke puts together the best talent, along with his team to bring Launceston the finest selection of performers and inspirational artists. Lovers of all things artistic have the benefit of meeting the artists themselves, while enjoying delicious local foods and entertainment. Literary aficionados will also be enthused to know that there will be many Tasmanian famous and budding authors on hand to discuss their books. Children’s shows, too, are all part of the festival’s program.

Where and How to Get There

Launceston is nearby to the unique Cataract Gorge, where nature is at home with urban vibrancy. Wild and wonderful is how to describe the area and so it is with the Junction Arts Festival. Launceston is a short hour’s drive from Devonport and is filled with history. The Junction Arts Festival in Prince’s Square brings it all to life again. You can get to the festival by bus on the Moovit transport system or by a short car drive.

Eat, Drink, and Enjoy the Sights

While exploring all the installations, you won’t be able to miss Nightlight, as throughout the festival days, the city’s landmarks will be lit with multicoloured artistry. Relax a while with a refreshing drink and a savoury or sweet bite to eat of locally sourced, tasty Tasmanian fare, soaking in the colour, shimmer and beauty of Launceston’s square awash in luminous radiance.


Admission to most installations and venues is free of charge with some ticketed performances and food and beverages available for purchase.

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