Cradle Mountain is a mountain in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania, Australia. Rising to 1,545 metres (5,069 ft) above sea level.
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Cradle Mountain Walk
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Cradle Mountain Huts Walk offers two walks: a six-day for the more ambitious walker, or a four-day f...
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Aurora Australis over Cradle Mountain
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Picturesque Crater Lake in Cradle Mountain-Lake Saint Clair National Park. Cradle Mountain-Lake Sain...
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Cradle Mountain Film Fest

The Adventure You Experience


Cradle Mountain Film Fest

Whether you like to bike, walk, run, hike, climb, drive, swim or even jump, The Cradle Mountain Film Fest is looking for you. Document your journey across the wild landscape of Tasmania and submit your short film to win one of many prizes. The best short films will be showcased in April at a special event at Cradle Mountain. So, share your experience as you enjoy and conquer the diverse trails, rivers, lakes and mountains with their unique scenery and bring it all to life for everyone attending the festival to see.

What Is It?

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia

The Cradle Mountain Film Fest is an event sure to appeal to the adventurer who comes to Tasmania for its one-of-a-kind flora, fauna, and terrain. You will have one year to produce a 5-minute film that details your experience across Tasmania in a humorous, serious, or innovative way. One Year in Tasmania and Mountain Films screening sessions will be part of the long weekend as well as films that appeal to children and other adventure travellers. Along with that, there will be scheduled day and evening walks along several scenic trails in the Cradle Mountain National Park. Outdoor party and get-together activities, yoga and many other interesting moments will also be part of the weekend.

What to Expect

Tackling the overland here in Tasmania can be difficult, challenging and filled with surprises. The organisers of this event want to see what you see and go where you’ve gone. Past winners at the festival have presented shorts which tell a story, highlight remote areas and take the audience to places never been before. The film festival is a popular event for all adventure lovers and people wanting to see new and exciting areas of the Tasmanian countryside.

Calling Adventure and Art Lovers

Cradle Mountain Canyons, Tasmania, AustraliaDo you love adventure? Are you open to new challenges? Have you a love of the wild and wonderful? Do you want to see another side of Tasmania? Then the Cradle Mountain Film Fest is for you. Submit your film for consideration and have a great time doing the legwork. Or, if you love seeing how those fearless and curious folks tackle the countryside, then come to see the film screenings of the best submissions. Explorers gather at Cradle Mountain to join together to appreciate the adventure, the wonder and the hidden gems that Tasmania has to offer.

When and Where?

Cradle Mountain Film Fest is held in early April for 3 days on the weekend. Deadline for film submissions is March 1 and the film can have been made no more than one year ago in advance. Submissions are given eligibility based upon originality and technique. The grand prize is $1,000 AUD and other prizes such as the People’s Choice will be up for grabs for the accepted entries.

The festival is held at Cradle Mountain National Park--with its idyllic surroundings providing the perfect backdrop to watch, critique and experience various films made across Tasmania. The park is accessible via a 30-minute drive from Devonport, inland from the northeast coast of Tasmania.

Local Tips

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, AustraliaA variety of refreshments will be served during the festival at an additional fee. Walking tours are also available daily, so bring your comfortable shoes and outerwear for trekking along with others in the park. Outdoor yoga and wellness activities are scheduled during the weekend festival. Pre- and post-screening parties are fun ways to get excited about and celebrate your favourite pick’s success.


Event prices during the festival range from free to $65 AUD per event. Check with for more detailed information on individual events.

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