Saffire Freycinet rises from its surroundings as a premium boutique property that is truly in touch with the beauty and depth of nature. Distinct in its design, exclusive in its features and set apart by its approach to uncompromised service, staying at Saffire is an experience that will enrich and uplift, changing the way you feel about life.
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The accommodation at Ratho Farm consists of several old farm buildings lovingly restored into luxury...
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Alice's Cottages offer 4-star luxury self contained bed and breakfast accommodation tucked away in t...
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Luxury and Indulgent Experiences

Treat yourself to a little luxury


Luxury and Indulgent Experiences

Home Hill Winery, Tasmania, Australia

You have to travel to the source to enjoy the most indulgent experiences on planet Earth. Sure, you can have Kobe beef imported from Japan, but you'll never understand its depth of flavour unless you're feasting fresh off the teppanyaki fire with chopsticks. Well, same goes for Tasmania.

This fruitful island features some of the best beef, dairy, wine and cider in the world. It also has the purest strain of brown trout, the largest bluefin tuna on planet Earth and abundant fresh seafood. Tasmania is a delight for the senses and redefines the phrase "Farm to Table." Image thanks to Tourism Tasmania and Chris Crerar.

5-star Accommodations (Sturm und Drang)

The Tasmanian island is rich in outdoor activities. From the glacial tarns of the Alpine Highlands to the towering dolerite cliffs of South Bruny National Park, there is jaw-dropping nature all around. But exploring the outdoors can be tiring, so it's always nice to warm your bones beside the fire after a day in the chill. And that's why Tasmania is a perfect setting for luxurious accommodations. Image thanks to Tourism Tasmania & Mrs Treschow.

Classical music has a term for it -- Sturm und Drang. It's the idea that the loud and rhythmic parts of a song cannot be enjoyed without going through a quieter lull beforehand. Each part of the song, the quietness and the loudness, accentuates the other to make every second of the song profound. And that's the idea behind luxury accommodations in Tasmania.

After hiking to the base of a 100-metre waterfall, you get to come back to a luxury accommodation with what feels like the world's most comfortable beds and warmest robes. After being in the outdoors, steam showers feel even more indulgent and vital. Each part of your luxury Tasmanian experience -- from the thundering natural surrounds to your quiet and cozy luxury accommodation -- accentuates the other to enhance your trip.

Boutique Shopping

Hello Gorgeous, Tasmania, AustraliaThe world's big name brands can be bought at any International Airport across the planet, so you don't need a Louis Vuitton store on your trip to Tasmania. Instead, the real treasures of Tasmania's boutique shopping experience happen in towns like Burnie or Kettering where artisans and makers create unique collectibles, jewellery and art pieces. You'll be able to meet the people that craft your wares and you'll be taking home something one-of-a-kind. There is no type of physical item more precious on Earth. Image thanks to Tourism Tasmania & Arcade Publications.

Day Spas

Harmony Hill Wellness and Organic Spa Retreat  , Tasmania, AustraliaYou'll be salt sprayed and sundrenched after a day on a boat exploring Wineglass Bay. Seeing Tasmania's incredible landscapes comes with a small cost -- exposure to the elements -- but that can all be erased at one of Tasmania's many day spas. You'll be able to indulge in deep tissue massage, beauty treatments and hot saunas to relax after experiencing the wilds of Tasmania. And when it's all said and done, you can enjoy a fresh farm-to-table meal featuring some of the world's best local ingredients. Image thanks to Tourism Tasmania & Lambos Pavlides.

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