Osborne Heli Tours offer a selection of unique and memorable scenic flights and experiences departing from the picturesque seaside village of Stanley, Tasmania.
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There is no better way appreciate the raw and wild scenery than from high above in the comfort of a ...
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Osborne Heli Tours offer a selection of unique and memorable scenic flights and experiences departin...
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Prion Bay, Tasmania, Australia
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Tasmania by Air: Scenic Flights and Helicopters

Experience some of the best places of Tasmania by air.


Scenic Flights and Helicopters

Tasmania is packed with the world's most beautiful scenery and it is all captured on an island of manageable size. You can drive clear across it in just a few hours experiencing towering alpine landscapes with dolerite peaks, rainforest gorges full of wild rivers and sandy beaches covered in hot dunes. So, just imagine how much you can see from the air.

Australia's island state is also committed to protecting its natural landscapes and some of Tassie's national parks aren't even accessible by vehicle, so you'll not only want to book flights to Tasmania, but within Tasmania as well! If you do not want to trek through the bush, you'll have to marvel at the landscape from above. And you'll be gazing at lands that are untouched by human hands. Below are some of the best places to experience by air.

Wineglass Bay

Hiking to Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park can be tough, but you're rewarded with crystal clear waters, towering cliffs, a white sand beach and lichen-coloured rocky shores. But even if you hike all the way out to the lookout, you won't be able to make out the wineglass shape of the bay. You'll be able to drink in all of its glory from above without all the effort.

Bruny Island

Par Avion Helicopters - Bruny Island Hopper tour - Tasmania, AustraliaThe south end of Bruny Island is where you'll find South Bruny National Park. Marked by towering dolerite sea cliffs, this stretch of rugged land is all the more impressive from the air. Look in the waters off the southern shore for migrating Southern Right Whales cruising by the remains of two old whaling stations. Image thanks to Matt Glastonbury.

Maria Island

Thousands flock to the east coast town of Orford for the summer for the laid back atmosphere, beautiful beaches, world-class diving and stunning views of Maria Island. But you can get a better view of this stunning island from the air as you fly over white sand beaches and remarkably blue water.

Tasman Peninsula

Osborne Helitours: Port Arthur and the Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, AustraliaKnown for its geological features, the Tasman Peninsula is attached to mainland Tasmania by a 100-metre wide stretch of sand called a "Neck." Marvel at the Tessellated Pavement, Blowhole, Tasman Arch and Devil's Kitchen rock formations from above. Imagethanks to Paul Hoelen.


Gordon River

The Gordon River winds through some of the most remote reaches of Tasmania. It's a wild river and much of it is inaccessible by car or foot. Take to the air to see where no human has ever set foot.

Hobart and Derwent River

Aerial view of Hobart (Sandy Bay), Tasmania, AustraliaHobart is a picturesque city on the southern coast of Tasmania. On its eastern edge, you'll find the mighty River Derwent. The dramatic helicopter ride down the river reveals the stunning landscape beyond. Image thanks to Events Tasmania and Alastair Bett.


Tamar Valley

The Tamar River carves a valley in northern Tasmania. The water feeds abundant farmlands that are used to grow cold climate grapes. These vineyards, breathtaking from the air, produce some of the world's best wines.

The Nut

Osborne Helitours: Stanley and the Tarkine Coast - Tasmania, AustraliaA massive volcanic plug, The Nut rises defiantly out of the ocean at the small peninsula town of Stanley. It marks the edge of the Rocky Shore National Park, an area covered in wildflowers year round. Watch for little blue penguins in the waters near The Nut. Image thanks to Paul Hoelen.

Port Davey

This small port is on the southwest tip of the island and features a small airstrip. It is used to drop off intrepid nature walkers on their way into Southwest National Park. This area of Tasmania is inaccessible by car so you'll be touring some of the most remote lands on planet earth. Image thanks to Courtesy of Par Avion Wilderness Tours.

Different Modes of Air Transport

There are all sorts of ways to see Tasmania from the sky. Of course, there are scenic flights available from Launceston, Devonport and Hobart, but you'll also find a small airstrip in the west coast town of Zeehan where you can board a plane for Port Davey. The helicopter and air balloon are other viable options for eco-tourism.

But adventure-seekers can flock to places like the Tasman Peninsula for hang gliding at Pirates Bay. Or you can get a thrill by parasailing the pristine waters surrounding the island.

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