Located north of the Freycinet Peninsula, Bicheno sits on Tasmania's beautiful East Coast.
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Bicheno is a family seaside holiday town with lots to see and do, good accommodation, excellent fish...
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The Gulch
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Bicheno Penguin Tours
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Bicheno's Glass Bottom Boat operates from Bicheno, on Tasmania's east coast from September through A...
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Located north of the Freycinet Peninsula, Bicheno sits on Tasmania's beautiful East Coast.
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Redbill Beach, Tasmania, Australia
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Whalers Lookout

Witness East Coast Beauty


Whalers Lookout

Location: Town Centre Bicheno, East Coast Tasmania
Distance from: Hobart - 178 km, Launceston - 169 km, Devonport - 241 km

Bicheno sits on a beautiful stretch of the east coast just north of the Freycinet Peninsula and its National Park. Seafood lovers flock to town to indulge in fresh catches from pristine waters. Just off the coast, you'll find the Governor Island Marine Reserve which features world-class diving to underwater caves, sponge gardens, kelp forests and magnificent reefs. After exploring the underwater world in a glass-bottom boat, fairy penguins await. Tours can take you up close and personal to the world's smallest penguins.

But walk into a restaurant or pub in this cute fishing town and you'll likely be advised by a local to head up to Whaler's Lookout. It's a well-signposted 10-minute walk up a steep hill to two safe lookout platforms -- one facing east towards the ocean and the other facing inland west. You'll get panoramic views of town and its sparkling crescent-shaped harbour. It's a great way to get the lay of the land right when you get to Bicheno. The walk is steep but family-friendly and it makes for a fantastic picnic spot. The trail is accessible from the centre of Bicheno.

Getting There

The nearest big city is Launceston which sits 169 kilometres away. The drive will take you about 2 hours. Hobart is 2 hours and 24 minutes away sitting 178 kilometres to the southwest. Devonport, the home of the Spirit of Tasmania ferry to the mainland, is 241 kilometres to the west which takes about 3 hours by car.


The walk is fairly short, well-signposted and straightforward, but it can be steep in some sections. A minimal level of fitness is required.

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